BK audit is a specialist audit and assurance firm based in Auckland, providing professional auditing services for clients throughout Auckland and greater North Island.


Audits are planned and performed in a way that minimises risks of material misstatements, so that financial statements are presented in compliance with statutory requirements.


A review is designed to provide a negative assurance report giving only a moderate level of assurance to readers on the reliability of the financial information.

Agreed upon Procedures

In an agreed upon procedures engagement, we agree with our client to perform specific procedures. These procedures are not designed to support an expression of any opinion.

Why Choose BK Audit?

BK Audit is a boutique audit practice. We have a small, highly skilled team. This means you will receive the hands-on experience of dealing with a small practice.

We pride ourselves in our competitive rate and quality service customized to our clients. We value knowledge and skills development and ensure we deliver the value and results clients deserve.

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